Comunità Ambiente

Based in Rome, Comunità Ambiente is a SME that was partner of the FP7 LifeWatch project and is now a member of the Joint Research Unit collaborating to the establishment of the LifeWatch ERIC. The company is also a partner of the FP7 Creative-B project. 
Comunità Ambiente has a long experience in the environmental sector with particular reference to the conservation of nature and the funding, in particular Community funds, of actions, projects and plans for the conservation of biodiversity.

Comunità Ambiente provides technical and scientific assistance in the development and monitoring of projects, produces studies in different areas related to biodiversity and ecosystem services (agriculture, fisheries, human health) for both local, regional and national authorities and for the European Commission.

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Comunità Ambiente
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Oliviero Spinelli - Livia Bellisari
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Citizen science
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