Department of Bioscience

Predictive ecological modeling (State-space models, SEM, Bayesian MCMC, Partition of variance into process and sampling variance, Quantification of uncertainty) (Damgaard, 2012, Damgaard et al., 2014)

Fine-grained high-quality longitudinal plant cover data from 17 Danish light-open habitat types (Nielsen et al., 2012).

Ecological data needed for process-based predictive models: Longitudinal data on the ecosystem level from experimental sites where either the climate or agricultural pressures (nitrogen and pesticides are varied.

Damgaard, C. (2012) Trend analyses of hierarchical pin-point cover data. Ecology, 93, 1269-1274.
Damgaard, C., Strandberg, M.T., Kristiansen, S.M., Nielsen, K.E. & Bak, J.L. (2014) Is Erica tetralix abundance on wet heathlands controlled by nitrogen deposition or soil acidification? Environmental Pollution, 184, 1-8.
Nielsen, K.E., Bak, J.L., Bruus Pedersen, M., Damgaard, C., Ejrnæs, R., Fredshavn, J.R., Nygaard, B., Skov, F., Strandberg , B. & Strandberg, M. (2012) NATURDATA.DK - Danish monitoring program of vegetation and chemical plant and soil data from non-forested terrestrial habitat types. Biodiversity & Ecology 4, 375.

Contact: Christian Damgaard ( or Flemming Skov (

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