National Museum of Natural History and Science / University of Lisbon

The National Museum of Natural History and Science (MUHNAC) was created in 1768 and integrated in the University of Lisbon since its foundation in 1911 ( The Museum holds and studies scientific collections on botany, zoology, anthropology, geology and palaeontology, totalling c. 620,000 specimens. MUHNAC also preserves and studies important collections of scientific instruments dating from the 16th to 20th centuries and holds significant historical documentation related to some of the most important scientific institutions in Portugal. Its Botanical Garden and 19th century Astronomical Observatory are national monuments.

Areas of Expertise:
MUHNAC is fully engaged in the mission of documenting the diversity and history of the natural world, making first hand science through innovative R&D in the life sciences and history of science, and promoting scientific culture through the accessibility of its collections, as well as through exhibitions, educational programmes and hands-on activities. The Museum hosts several researchers, PhD and MSc students, mainly focusing their research on biodiversity, systematics, evolution, paleontology of vertebrates, sedimentary geology, environmental education, science communication, astronomy, history of science, material and visual culture of science, scientific heritage and history of museums and collections. The Museum researchers have a wide experience of participation in national and international projects including projects funded by the European Commission.

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University of Lisbon
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Maria Judite Alves
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Natural history
Software as service
Data management
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Citizen science
Applied science/policy
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