BioVeL follow-on

Over the coming weeks and months, and as I announced at BIH2013 I will be giving my attention to shaping a follow-on project to BioVeL.

Building infrastructure takes a long time. It is not something that can be accomplished in a single 3 year project nor by only a small group of people. It needs the attention of the community over a significant period of time.

I want to try to capitalise on the best parts of some of the previously and currently funded FP7 projects - to pull together what we have and make it work for and accessible to the whole community. As I said in my presentation at BIH2013 and as is written in the BMC Ecology paper I believe this lies in building the right Biodiversity Service Network. It also lies in connecting, strengthening and widening the community of biologists and technologists that intereact with each other.

Proposed by: 
Alex Hardisty, Cardiff University

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