Comparison of Technical Basis of Biodiversity e-Infrastructures

Publication Type:Report
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:A. Hardisty, Manset D.
Series Title:Coordination of Research e-Infrastructures Activities Toward an International Virtual Environment for Biodiversity
Date Published:2012/10/31/
Institution:Cardiff University
ISBN Number:D3.1

Deliverable D3.1 “Technical Interoperability Specifications”, prepared on the basis of available information at the time of writing, is the output of CReATIVE-B task T3.1, which aims to “Compare the technical basis of e-infrastructures (for biodiversity research)”. It provides a synopsis comparison of the technical approaches of the e-infrastructures analysed within the scope of the project and elaborates the interoperability analysis by defining it and making a quantitative comparison of the technical facts gathered thus far. It reflects as accurately as possible the technical findings, structured along dimensions of interoperability that match the functional areas and layers of the research infrastructures being analysed. Deliverable D3.1 aims at shedding light on existing similarities and differences between participating research infrastructures thus forming a solid information and knowledge basis for future interoperability guidelines developments in D3.2 and D3.3.

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