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Trust-IT is a UK SME specialised in analysing and communicating Information and Communication Technologies across Europe and globally. Trust-IT is a multi-national team, highly skilled in creating communication and digital web strategies for today’s digital environment, be that for business, research & science or public sector organisations.

We combine dedicated communication and collaboration solutions to provide a full-service to customers and clients to help deliver more value and drive more active and engaged users. Trust-IT considers itself an end-to-end solution provider where we develop the software and we provide with Communication & Digital Marketing services for both your online & non business or research. Trust-It may support you in carrying out feasibility and market studies, design reports & sustainability activities & business models.
Trust-IT is a prime mover in the cloud computing landscape, analysing benefits and barriers to mainstream adoption in the public and private sectors. It has gained extensive knowledge on cloud by working closely with international experts, service providers, technology developers and user communities from many different fields.

Organisation name: 
Trust-IT Services
United Kingdom
Contact name: 
Silvana Muscella
Contact e-mail:
999 687 724
Organisation type: 

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