ArtDatabanken (Swedish Species Information Centre)

The Swedish Species Information Centre (ArtDatabanken) serves as the focal point for information on threatened species and biodiversity in Sweden.

Main tasks are to collect, evaluate and store the most important information about endangered and rare species from all major organism groups: plants, animals and fungi, and from all environments, including terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats. A basic part of this work is to assess the types and degrees of threat, and to prepare the national Red List and Red Data Books.

Some of our tasks:

- Gathering occurrence data on species from citizen science and national monitoring
- Keeping track of species names, habitat types, terms and concepts.
- Coordination of Swedish Lifewatch, a research infrastructure that provides data on biodiversity for researchers and society.
- Assisting the implementation of EU regulations
- Manage and support research
- International cooperation

Main products:

- The Species Observations System (Artportalen). Open Internet reporting system for geo-referenced species observations of species from all major organism groups. Data from citizen science, research and national monitoring schemes.
- The Swedish LifeWatch research infrastructure, including the Analysis Portal.
- National taxonomic database Dyntaxa
- The Encyclopaedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna
- National Red List
- Assessments and analysis of the status of species in Sweden

Organisation name: 
Contact name: 
Anna Maria Wremp
Contact e-mail:
Data management
User interface: 
Citizen science
Applied science/policy
999 887 350
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