The vision of the Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research) on the field of Biodiversity Informatics is to develop an exemplar Research Infrastructure and to establish it as the biodiversity Centre of Excellence for South-eastern Europe.
The main objectives to achieve this vision are:
a. To ally all the Greek scientific human potential working on Biodiversity data and data observatories, in the country and abroad, in order to develop/build/initiate a world-class excellence national Biodiversity Informatics Centre. This Centre has to create exemplar management structures, to be legally registered, and to build the adequate interface for collaborative schemes for its continuation after state funding.
b. To pave the way for the development of complex virtual research environments through a number of background e-Services which facilitate both the data contributors and the users, and virtually ally the dynamic teams that will be continuously collecting data at the entire territory of the state.
c. To develop a number of virtual labs (vLabs) where large scale science can be carried out at all possible levels of the biological organization from molecules to ecosystems. These vLabs will help scientists and other end users to answer the “why” and “how” questions and to adequately assist environmental managers and policy makers, among others, to adopt the biodiversity concept in their every day activities.
d. To build capacity at the national and regional level through a network of activities, including human potential mobilization, supporting and promoting the use of the Infrastructure, and enhancing organizational development. Finally, to disseminate information, scientific knowledge and experience gained to the public and to liaise the Centre's ideas and practices to the activities of targeted groups and of the society at large.

Organisation name: 
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Contact name: 
Christos Arvanitidis; Sarah Faulwetter
Contact e-mail: 
arvanitidis@hcmr.gr; sarifa@hcmr.gr
Software as service
Data management
Remote sensing
User interface: 
Citizen science
Applied science/policy
999 577 532
Organisation type: 

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