National Museum - Národní Muzeum

The National Museum Prague is a public scientific institution which systematically enriches its collections consisting of objects of natural and historical sciences all over the world, with particular interest to the Czech Republic. It conducts research in various fields of natural and historical sciences and has a large exhibit activity. The National Museum is the most distinguished and the largest museum in the Czech Republic. It consists of five professional institutions: Natural History Museum, Historical Museum, The Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, Czech Museum of Music, National Museum Library. At present the National Museum houses almost 20 million items from the area of natural history, history, archaeology, arts, music and librarianship. These are collections of mineralogy, palaeontology, mycology, botany, entomology, zoology, anthropology, archaeology. From the very beginning the collections have been regarded also as a treasury of the most important monuments of the Czech national history. They are located in more than 15 public museums and exhibition halls all over the country which are curated by more than 500 researchers and employees. The museum organises more that 10 temporary exhibitions pear year and publishes 12 scientific journals and numerous other non periodical publications.
NMP was involved in earlier projects BHL-Europe and 4D4Life as a work package leader and is a work package leader of projects OpenUp! and Synthesys III and task leader in Europeana Creative.

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National Museum - Národní Muzeum
Czech Republic
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Jiří Frank, Jiří Kvaček
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Natural history
Data management
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Citizen science
998 151 729
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