The Natural History Museum (London)

We are interested in :

  • mobilisation of data associated with specimens, especially those in our collection;
  • taxonomic information systems;
  • linking taxonomic information with other data sources, specifically to study biodiversity and the way it is changing.

The Natural History Museum in London is one of the world's largest collections of natural history objects holding over 70 million specimens and a spectacular library of natural history literature and art on paper.  We are a research institution with around 300 permanent scientific staff supported by a grant-in-aid budget from the UK government. We are the default authority on taxonomy and nomenclature for the UK.

We developed and continue to support the Scratchpad project that currently supports over 6000 users and over 540 sites.  Click here for current statistics.

Organisation name: 
The Natural History Museum
United Kingdom
Contact name: 
Vince Smith, Dimitris Koureas
Contact e-mail: 
vince@vsmith.info, d.koureas@nhm.ac.uk
Natural history
User interface: 
Citizen science
999 642 037
Organisation type: 

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