University of Perugia

Today, the Università degli Studi di Perugia is a modern, multi-campus educational institution whose primary aim is to provide the highest quality degree programmes and advanced scientific research and development.  By Italian standards it is considered a medium-sized university and is a public institution and a legal entity, that is, it is entitled to award qualifications with legal validity.

There are currently more than 31.000 students enrolled at the Università degli Studi di Perugia and 1.100 teaching staff members supported by more than 1.000 administrators. The University offers a wide variety of degree programmes in 11 faculties: Agriculture; Economics; Education; Engineering; Arts and Humanities; Law; Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences; Medicine; Pharmacy; Political Science; Veterinary Medicine.
In recent years, the University has developed into an ever more multi-cultural environment.  There are more than 1.500 international students enrolled at the University on full degree courses and around 450 students who arrive at the University every year on exchange programs.
The Research group  on Microbial genetics and phylogenetocs led by Gianluigi Cardinali  is  part  of  the  Department of  Applied Biology  and  is  affiliated  to  the  Center  of  Excellence  CEMIN.
The research group have  experience in the field of fungal taxonomy and biodiversity investigation. The Research group is working on the conservation and valorization of the agricultural and natural microbial biodiversity, following different areas of research:
1.Analysis of the species structure, to define the ”unit” of biodiversity
2.Molecular analysis of the biodiversity
3.Description of new yeast species
4.Metabolomics analysis of the functional biodiversity
5.Bioinformatics applied to taxonomy and biodiversity

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University of Perugia
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Gianluigi Cardinali
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Applied science/policy
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