Species Identification Network Europe (SPINE)

The knowledge about organism properties (morphology, physiology, molecular barcodes, behaviour, life cycle, interactions with other organisms) is highly relevant to many political decision making issues such as ecological models, to breeding, to education and awareness building, as well as too identification in the context of expert or citizen science identification. Depending on the context, organism properties may also be known as traits, attributes, or characters.

SPINE will focus on the utility of property data for the purpose of identifying organisms, with a special focus on citizen science applications.

It may also become active in the context of a GEM oriented project, where SPINE could provided much need simple trait data in those case, where the trait data valuable for modelling and for identification overlap. This will not be the case for al traits, but nevertheless identification data may be one of the major sources of trait data for GEM.

Proposed by: 
Gregor Hagedorn, Katrin Vohland, and Stefano Martellos


Submitted by Pensoft on

We did have several projects based on "checklist-ing" (FaEu, PESI, CoL, etc). I can't remember of major EU project related to species identification. In this sense, the idea is a good one! It remains to find out if it matches some of the Calls!

Submitted by Vincent Robert (not verified) on

Dear Greg,

CBS-KNAW has been working on this subject of "polyphasic" identification for years and we have implemented a large number of exclusive algorithms and software to achieve this.

I also believe that this is a domain that has been overlooked and that we should certainly work more on it.

Would you therefore add "CBS-KNAW, Fungal Biodiversity Centre" as partner in this ? The University of Perugia is collaborating on this with us as well and could certainly be very useful partners too.


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